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Development and Utilization of Activated Carbon
Author:Biyuan Activated carbon Update time:2018-03-28

Activated carbon is a very fine carbon particle that has a large surface area, and there are finer pores in the carbon particle—capillary. This capillary tube has a strong adsorption capacity. Due to the large surface area of the carbon particles, it can be in full contact with gases (impurities). When these gases (impurities) encounter the capillary and are adsorbed, they have a purifying effect.

This product uses the physical effects of activated carbon to deodorize and protect moisture. This product does not have any chemical additives and has no effect on the human body.

Coal columnar activated carbon

After the SARS epidemic, I believe that many people still remember the active carbon masks. Activated carbon is an internationally recognized high-efficiency adsorption material. As early as “the First World War,” he was used in gas masks. And now it is really a new idea that activated carbon is used for car or indoor purification.

Activated carbon is a porous carbonaceous material. Its well-developed void structure makes it have a large surface area, so it is easy to fully contact with toxic and harmful gases in the air, and the strong adsorption capacity around the activated carbon pores. To achieve this requirement, the material selection, processing, and supply requirements for activated carbon are extremely stringent. That is, the technical problems of activated carbon molding have not been solved, resulting in the use of deodorizing activated carbon packages to overcome the difficulties in practical application of active carbon powder or particles. Scattered. Easy to pollute. Not easy to save. Defects such as short use time.

Development and Utilization of Activated Carbon:

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