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Activated Carbon Production Process
Author:Biyuan Activated carbon Update time:2016-10-17

Activated carbon as a wide range of uses, huge market prospects, so much attention has been, many visionary entrepreneurs want to put into the production of activated carbon. But there are many entrepreneurs do not understand the activated carbon production process, activated carbon production process is an extremely complex. In the understanding of activated carbon production process, we must first understand what is activated carbon.
Activated carbon is a black powder, granular or pelletized amorphous with porous carbon, the main component of carbon, but also with a small amount of oxygen, hydrogen, sulfur, nitrogen, chlorine. But also has the fine structure of graphite, but the grain is small, layers of irregular accumulation. (500-1000 m2 / g), has a strong adsorption performance, in its surface adsorption of gas, liquid or colloidal solid; for gas, liquid, the quality of the adsorbed substance can be close to the activated carbon Its own quality.

First, the carbonization of activated carbon production process:
a, Raw material selection: We use industrial activated carbon as an example: choose high quality wood chips, wood, shell, coconut shell, anthracite, etc., , In preparation for carbonization.

b, Carbonization stage: the production of activated carbon generally requires two rotary kiln, a carbonization, activation with a. The temperature of the carbonization furnace is increased to about 150 ° C, and the moisture in the material is almost evaporated. When the temperature of the carbonization furnace reaches 400 ° C, the organic material of the wood material undergoes a rapid thermal decomposition, and when the temperature reaches 500-700 ° C, Calcination stage, the calcination process has little liquid products generated, the residual volatile substances discharged in the charcoal, high-temperature calcination is the most important part of the carbonization stage, directly determines the fixed carbon content of charcoal, excellent carbon content of fixed carbon content of the general In more than 85%. Carbonization of raw materials for the initial biochemical testing, testing its water content, fixed carbon content, ash and iodine value.

Second, activation of activated carbon production process:
The activated phase is also called activated carbon regeneration: the activation furnace temperature, the carbonization of raw materials into the activation furnace, high pressure injection of water vapor, carbon dioxide, air (mainly oxygen) or their mixture (flue gas) as the activation medium, At high temperature (600 ~ 900 ℃, activation temperature) activation, the furnace temperature for the computer display control, activation temperature and time will have a direct impact on the iodine value of activated carbon. Activated carbon activated phase is the most critical part of the production of activated carbon, directly determines the quality of activated carbon, the iodine value.

Third, the production of activated carbon cooling
Activated carbon produced by the prohibition of carbon and air contact directly into the cooling tower cooling until the temperature of activated carbon down to 100 degrees Celsius for the cooling is completed, this time can be the apparent purity of activated carbon to uniform texture, black dense carbon is superior, this When the detection of biochemical indicators, according to the national standard detection of activated carbon detection method to determine the quality of finished products of activated carbon indicators.
Fourth, the separation of activated carbon production process
Using belt conveyor to crusher crushing, the use of suction fan will be activated on the conveyor belt material inhalation crusher, the larger the weight of sand and other impurities remain in the removal machine to be removed, crushed by the wind inhaled carbon In the separator, the coarse carbon is returned to the crusher in the separator and then broken. The qualified char is sent to the cyclone or vibrating screen to be separated by the wind force. The gas discharged from the cyclone separator is drained by the bag filter to trap the fine charcoal powder, Cyclone separators and vibrating screen separation of carbon, can be directly sold as finished products.

Above is the overview of activated carbon production process, if the user of high purity activated carbon, the above-mentioned collection of activated carbon, must also be pickled, irrigated and dehydrated to remove iron and ash in activated carbon impurities, and then activated carbon needed Drying, so that the water content dropped to ≥ 10%, that is, activated carbon products.

Fifth, the following is wanyang activated carbon production process map

Activated carbon production equipment

Activated carbon production equipment

Activated carbon production equipment

Activated carbon production equipment


Activated Carbon Production Process:

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