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Introduction to several treatment methods commonly used in water treatment
Author:Biyuan Activated carbon Update time:2018-03-28

   Introduction to several treatment methods commonly used in water treatment

Because of the contradictions and gaps between the quality of natural water sources and the user’s requirements for water quality, we must adopt advanced water purification technologies and use feasible scientific water treatment methods to make the natural water that originally contained many impurities become Water that meets life or production requirements.

The following is a brief description of some commonly used water treatment methods:

1. clarify:

The clarification targets for water are mainly suspended solids and colloidal substances in raw water, which reduce the turbidity of these substances in raw water. Specific treatment process can be divided into: coagulation, precipitation and filtration.

Water treatment activated carbon

Water treatment activated carbon

1.1 Coagulation

The pharmaceutical water purifier is injected into the raw water so that the agent and the raw water are fully mixed and reacted (ie, the coagulation process is performed in the reaction tank), so that the suspended matter and the colloidal impurities in the water form a large-particle floccule that is easy to precipitate, commonly known as “矾flower”.

1.2 precipitation

Through the coagulation process, the raw water entrains the large-size floc to flow into the sedimentation tank at a certain flow rate, gravity separation is performed through the sedimentation tank, and the major impurity particles in the water sink to the bottom of the sedimentation tank.

The above purification process can also be completed by a clarifier, which is a treatment structure that integrates reaction and sedimentation. 1.3 Filtration

After the raw water passes the coagulation and sedimentation process, the turbidity of the water is greatly reduced, but the sedimentary water that flows into the pool through the collecting tank still contains some fine impurities, and passes through the granular filter media (such as quartz sand, anthracite coal, etc.) in the filter tank. The retention of fine impurities in the water further reduces the turbidity of the water.

When the turbidity of the raw water is low, the raw water after the injection of the chemical can also enter the filtration process directly without coagulation, sedimentation, and the like.

The above clarification process (coagulation, precipitation, and filtration) not only reduces the turbidity of the raw water, but also is quite effective in the removal of color, bacteria, and viruses.

For the raw water with high turbidity, sedimentation tanks or pre-settling tanks are usually used to remove sediment particles with larger particle sizes.

Coal columnar activated carbon

2. disinfection

When the raw water is subjected to coagulation, sedimentation and filtration, it flows into the clear water tank through the pipeline and must be disinfected by disinfecting the water with chlorine, bleaching powder or other disinfectants to kill pathogenic microorganisms in the water. There are also methods of disinfecting water using ozone or ultraviolet radiation.

In addition to the above two types of water treatment methods, other commonly used methods of treatment are deodorization, deodorization, iron removal; softening, desalination and desalination.

According to the different raw water quality and the treated water quality requirements, the above various treatment methods can be used alone, or several treatment methods can be used in combination to form different treatment systems. In water purification, it is usually a combination of several treatment methods.

Introduction to several treatment methods commonly used in water treatment:

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