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Method of water treatment
Author:Biyuan Activated carbon Update time:2016-09-07

With the development of social economy, the progress of urbanization, water pollution is more and more serious, and the supply of water resources is also facing more and more problems. How to reuse water resources to create more economic value, but also become a hot topic. Today, small make up a few strokes to everyone.

One,Reuse of domestic water
In modern life, water has become an essential part of our life. But the water is limited, so we do in daily life how to reuse water resources, can be carried out by the following methods:
1 rice washing dishes, washing with clean water, not only saves water, but also effectively remove the residual pesticides on vegetables, the purification and water availability of coal columnar activated carbon containing pesticides before discharge;
2 laundry washing mop, broom, floor and toilet flushing. Second washing clothes washing and wiping windows and furniture, washing and footwear;
Flush the toilet 3, pee, try not to open the irrigation pipes, and make full use of the use of “dirty water”;
4 in the summer to the indoor field surface water cooling, as far as possible without water, and use the laundry after washing water;
5 family watering, should use rice water, tea, washing water etc.;

Activated carbon

Activated carbon

Two, the reuse of water for industrial and agricultural production
With the development of economy, industry and agriculture have been developing rapidly. Industrial and agricultural development needs a lot of water resources, and the production of water is not as low as domestic water pollution. Industrial and agricultural production of water used mostly contain toxic and harmful substances, then rely on simple treatment is not enough, must rely on the appropriate water treatment materials and tools to carry out the deep processing.
1 activated carbon products. Activated carbon products are various, should be selected according to different circumstances of different products. If used for drinking water treatment, shell activated carbon and coconut shell activated carbon is the best activated carbon products, both in comparison, coconut shell activated carbon has more advantages. If used to deal with industrial water, then coal based activated carbon and spherical activated carbon is better, both have good adsorption performance and low cost, economic benefits. In the selection of activated carbon products, but also should pay attention to the shape of the product. Activated carbon have the shape of the points in each kind of raw materials, such as powder activated carbon, coal columnar carbon, nut shell granular activated carbon.
2 filter material products. The types of filter products are less than the types of activated carbon products. Some media products can directly absorb pollutants in water, such as coke filter material, ceramic filter, Maifan stone filter, anthracite filter media, but he is not directly some of these pollutants in water purification, it mainly has the filtration function. When using the filter is used with other products, such as the pebbles , zeolite filter, quartz sand filter material, etc..
3 flocculant products. Flocculation, thickening, and it can effectively adsorb suspended substances in water. Organic polymer flocculant in the treatment of oil refining wastewater, other industrial wastewater, high suspended solids and solid liquid separation of cationic flocculant has a wide range of uses.

The above is the Chengde Wan Yang activated carbon company to provide you with a small series of water treatment. Chengde million foreign activated carbon manufacturers have been committed to water treatment products and research, has a wealth of experience, you are welcome to come to consult.

Method of water treatment:

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