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Silver – loaded activated carbon
Author:Biyuan Activated carbon Update time:2016-10-29

Brief Introduction of Silver – loaded  Activated Carbon

Silver-load activated carbon products using high-strength fruit-core shell as raw material, with the pyrolysis new process refined, with bactericidal antibacterial function. Remove the water smell, smell and trace of toxic substances, After purification, water can be drinking directly, also can be widely used to fill large, medium and small water purifiers and drinking fountains.

Silver - loaded activated carbon

Silver – loaded activated carbon

Technical Indicators of  Silver – loaded  Activated Carbon

Project Indicators


Particle size

10-20mesh  2.0-0.9mm

% ≥90
Iodine value mg/g ≥900
Strength % ≥95
Drying loss % ≤10
Methylene blue decolorization force ml ≥9
Ignition residue % ≤3
Filling specific gravity g/cm3 0.5-0.55
PH value 6-8
Silver content % 1-3


Uses of Silver – loaded  Activated Carbon

Shell silver-load activated carbon use high strength,large adsorption capacity shell activated carbon as raw materials, with sterilization, bacteriostasis, removal of water odor, odor and trace toxic and harmful substances function, can also be used to fill large, medium and small water purifiers, purified water can be directly consumed.

Coconut shell silver-load activated carbon use high-strength coconut shell as raw material,  refined by special silver process, widely used in water purifiers, mineral water pots, drinking fountains and other purification equipment, the effect of purified water than ordinary water carbon . Activated carbon after silver can also play the role of bactericidal and bacteriostatic action in accordance with the fine-action effect of silver ions to remove odor, odor and trace toxic and harmful substances in the water, and the purified water can be directly consumed.

Coconut shell silver-loading carbon purified water, sterilization, removal of organic matter, harmful substances and heavy metals, water filters, filter filling. fluidized bed, and a floating bed biological treatment system. Used for the removal of a variety of organic and inorganic pollutants in water phenol, cyanide, mercury, hexavalent chromium ions, adsorption of water odor, chlorine, color.

Silver – loaded activated carbon:

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