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Judgment of Activated carbon performance
Author:Biyuan Activated carbon Update time:2016-08-20

Activated carbon as is now the main products for industrial and civil environmental purification, industrial pollution control and purification of civilian life, the very broad range of applications. At the same time the market also appeared in different sizes and brands, category of activated carbon, the product packaging is also dazzling, so that ordinary customers look dazzling. As the activated carbon does not have the expertise to customers to do judgment of activated carbon performance?

Many customers may not be very clear that judgment of activated carbon performance, today Chengde Wan yang activated carbon with everyone Discussion: Judgment of Activated carbon performance.

1, looking directly at index provided by the manufacturer. Activated carbon adsorption commonly used indicators are: iodine adsorption, carbon tetrachloride (CTC) adsorption value of methylene blue adsorption value, iodine adsorption value is used to indicate a liquid substance adsorption capacity, carbon tetrachloride adsorption value used to represent activated carbon adsorption capacity of gaseous substances, methylene blue adsorption value is used to indicate the ability of the active carbon. These three higher the index, indicating that the activated carbon adsorption capacity of the stronger. Therefore, we can combine these indicators provided by the manufacturer at the time of purchase based on their usage of activated carbon to buy charcoal for their own use.

Activated Carbon

2, look at the volume. The same 12 packs * 50g = 1 case why “Wan yang” activated carbon bulky than other stores do? The above has been introduced, in order to improve the performance of activated carbon adsorption, and only as much as possible in the manufacture of activated carbon pore structure, the more porous, activated carbon more crisp, the relative density of the more light, so it would be more on the feel good charcoal light, in the case of the same weight packaging, good performance activated carbon activated carbon poor quality of many bigger than volume.


3, see bubbles. Will put a small Nutshell granular activated carbon into the water, because the water infiltration, water will gradually immersed in the pore structure of activated carbon, forcing the air out of the pores, resulting in a series of very small bubbles in the water pulled out a small bubble line, while bubbles will be issued slightest sound, very interesting. This phenomenon occurs the more intense, longer duration, activated carbon adsorption, the better.

4, see decolorization. Another manifestation is the decolorization activated carbon, activated carbon can have a colored liquid becomes colorless or light-colored magical ability, because this is actually the reason for activated carbon adsorption colored liquid in the pigment molecules caused. Take two transparent glass, placed in a cup of pure water, and then drop of red ink, blue ink, for example, ink color printer, but can not use ink and carbon ink, stir after half colored water poured into another a cup reserved control sample. Activated carbon into the colored water, and the number should reach half of the water, so the effect will be more obvious, and allowed to stand for 10-20 minutes after contrast water samples were compared under the same conditions, the greater the color change, the stronger capacity of activated carbon decolorization .

These are the properties of the activated carbon is good or bad judgment, I want you more than one way to judgment of Activated carbon performance have a more full understanding, and can also choose to buy the right activated carbon products.

Judgment of Activated carbon performance:

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