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Coconut shell activated carbon for indoor air purification
Author:Biyuan Activated carbon Update time:2018-12-25

The coconut shell activated carbon is made from the coconut shell imported from the Philippines. It is carbonized and processed into a coconut shell carbonized material. After being activated by modern activation process, it becomes a coconut shell activated carbon product. According to the performance of the activated product, it is mainly adsorption performance. For different types of products used for different purposes, coconut shell activated carbon production will be tested, selected, dusted, dried, packaged, inspected and many other meticulous processing procedures before the qualified packaging.

Coconut shell activated carbon

Coconut shell activated carbon

The coconut shell air purification activated carbon products produced by the company are selected from coconut shell activated carbon which is rich in micropores and transition pores and suitable for gas molecule adsorption. The activated carbon of this grade has been tested. The pore size distribution facilitates the rapid adsorption of gas molecules, and the adsorption capacity is large. It is not easy to desorb at room temperature after adsorption, and will not cause secondary pollution.

Air purification

Air purification

Air purification coconut shell activated carbon products, smaller ash, no impurities, low moisture content, uniform particles, clean and fresh, excellent quality, suitable for family bedroom, kitchen, living room, study, bathroom, shoe cabinet, refrigerator, and office, hotel It is used for adsorption purification and odor removal in indoor spaces.

Coconut shell activated carbon for indoor air purification:

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