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Coconut shell activated carbon manufacturers
Author:Biyuan Activated carbon Update time:2018-12-15

Coconut shell activated carbon manufacturers, as the name suggests, are specialized in the production of coconut shell activated carbon, coconut shell is coconut shell, Southeast Asia is mostly, in China’s Hainan also has a large number of coconut forest. Affected by raw materials, there are many coconut shell activated carbon manufacturers in southern China, especially in the Pearl River Delta region. Not only are the raw materials rich, but the more important pearl-shell coconut activated carbon market is also very broad, so the coconut shell activated carbon manufacturers in southern China are relatively The north is better.

Activated carbon factory

Activated carbon factory

At present, coconut shell activated carbon produced by coconut shell activated carbon is mainly used for deodorization of food, beverage, medicinal activated carbon, alcohol, air-purified activated carbon and high-purity drinking water, removal of heavy metals in water, dechlorination and liquid decolorization. It can be widely used in solvent recovery and gas separation in the chemical industry, and is widely used in food, medical, mining, metallurgy, petrochemical, steel making, tobacco, fine chemicals and other industries.
North coconut shell activated carbon manufacturers mainly use industrial coconut shell activated carbon such as: electroplating activated carbon, coconut shell gold activated carbon, desulfurization activated carbon, silver-loaded activated carbon… Southern coconut shell activated carbon is mainly based on household coconut shell activated carbon, food grade activated carbon For example: clean water coconut shell activated carbon, clean gas activated carbon, water treatment activated carbon and so on. This is also related to the differences between the North and South markets. There are more heavy industries in the North and light industries in the South.

Activated carbon products

Activated carbon products

The cost of coconut shell activated carbon itself is very cheap, and the water treatment effect is very good, and the application orientation is also very wide. It has been loved by many customers. Many customers have purchased coconut shell activated carbon, but now there are some unscrupulous merchant manufacturers in the market. It is because some customers do not know much about the coconut shell activated carbon, so the coconut shell activated carbon sold appears to be fake, and the phenomenon of sub-filling has disturbed the normal market of activated carbon manufacturers.
So how do you buy the best coconut shell activated carbon? Let’s hear what the coconut shell activated carbon manufacturer says?
1. The shell of the coconut shell activated carbon is very similar to the shell, so it is very similar to the shell activated carbon, that is, the density is very small, the texture is very light, it is much lighter than the normal coal-based activated carbon in the hand, and the volume is slightly Bigger.
2. The shape of coconut shell activated carbon is generally broken particles and flakes, while the columnar and spherical activated carbon is basically coal-based activated carbon, so it can basically distinguish what is coconut shell activated carbon from the appearance.

Byuan active carbon factory

Byuan active carbon factory

It is best to recommend that the majority of customers buy coconut shell coconut shell activated carbon must choose regular manufacturers to buy, Chengde Wanyang activated carbon plant, Malaysia’s origin coconut shell direct supply from the source to ensure the quality of raw materials, North China clay kiln secret kiln activation, The coconut shell activated carbon produced has industrial grade price and food grade quality. For example, the activated carbon for wine produced by our factory is widely used in major wineries all over the country.

Coconut shell activated carbon manufacturers:

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