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Ningxia Biyuan Activated Carbon Co.,Ltd. (former ningxia brigitte source activated carbon factory) is located in ningxia shizuishan city pingluo county of China coal activated carbon production bases in Asia taisha industrial zone, the company only 40 kilometers away from high quality anthracite coal origin your basket groove, only 5 km away from making the railway station, is extremely advantageous geographical environment.It is an enterprise integrating “science, industry and trade”, which is mainly produced by active carbon. It has low ash, high mechanical strength, high porosity and large surface area.Strong adsorption capacity, easy regeneration and other excellent properties.

Activated carbon factory

Activated carbon factory

Brigitte source activated carbon co., LTD. The main products in ningxia region in ningxia low ash, low sulfur, low phosphorus, high mechanical strength, high specific surface area of high quality, high activation too west coal as the main raw material, through rigorous scientific configuration and advanced production technology using high temperature steam activation.At the same time, it can also produce wood column activated carbon with different models of coconut shell, fruit shell and wood, as well as the filter material of anthracite.At the same time, we also have the following products: carburetor, water purifier, silicon carbide, corundum and so on.

The company currently has four activated carbon production lines, two carbonized production lines, one acid (alkali) washing line, and each year can provide various specifications of coal activated carbon more than 5,000 tons.The main products are: active carbon columnar grain series (HCE), irregular shape and broken carbon series (HCG), a series of spherical carbon (HCS), powder charcoal series (HCP), acid and alkali wash low ash coal series (HCW) and carrier (dip) carbon series (HCC), and a total of more than 60 varieties.Our products are exported to Europe, America, Japan, Korea and the Middle East.

Activated carbon factory

Activated carbon factory

Since its establishment, ningxia biyuan activated carbon co., LTD has won the favor of many customers both at home and abroad with advanced concepts and technology, high quality products and services.With its excellent performance, stable quality, clean appearance and considerate after-sales service, biyuan brand products are renowned both at home and abroad and in the same industry.At the same time, the company can also produce different USES, different specifications and different quality of activated carbon according to different requirements of users.Ningxia biyuan activated carbon co., LTD is willing to cooperate.